Driving Lesson

Training Schools

We are capable of organising all medicals for all new LGV learners, whether it requires us to come on site or arrange the medical for every driver we can assist.

Truck Car Park

Logistic organisations

If you are a logistic company we have seen the frustration of not having your drivers on the road can cause. Don't let the lack of a medical stop your drivers staying on the road. Contact us today, from onsite medicals to group bookings we ensure a swift convenient service.

Giving a Lecture

Education Services

We send education experts onsite to deliver lectures/seminars on all aspects of wellbeing from physical driver to mental health.

London Taxi


Are you a taxi company? Need medicals for your driver, contact us today to ensure all your drivers stay on the road. 

Boxing Gloves

Sports Clubs


From boxing schools to motor sport groups we are able to come on site and arrange medicals for all members in one day if required. Contact us today!





We are specialist in providing medicals for drivers of all sizes of bus/coach operators.


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