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Updated: Jun 24, 2019

We at Voyage medicals (Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes) understand how difficult it can be at times to get your head around the DVLA D4 medicals which is required for renewal/new applications of a HGV licence. We have many questions from drivers, so we have decided to explain all clearly, in a very succinct and concise manner. If there are any questions feel free to email your query about your HGV medical and we will respond.

1. Who is required to undergo a HGV medical? 🙄🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Now this can be split into 2 categories. The first category is all new future HGV drivers👶 require a medical in order to get their provisional licence. Your age is irrelevant, the first step in obtaining your HGV licence is undergoing a D4 medical as per the DVLA guidelines. We at Voyage Medicals are specialists in helping all new HGV licence applicants in passing their HGV medical, we work with various hgv training schools. This vast experience enables us to ensure the D4 form is completed correctly and full advice is given to the driver to ensure he medical is swift and that the D4 form is not returned.

The second category is all HGV drivers who have a licence but need to renew 👴🧓. Generally speaking your licence needs to be reviewed every 5 years. If you are under 45 the DVLA will send you a D47PU renewal application 56 days before your hgv driving licence runs out- that you need to complete. No medical is required. If your aged 45 or over the DVLA will also send you the D47PU but in addition you will also be sent a D4 form. The D4 form is the medical form that must be completed by a fully registered GMC Doctor. Once complete the driver sends off the form and should receive their licence within 3 weeks. The age at which you need a medical is below:

Aged 45 and over every 5 years until then age of 65. After the age of 65 a medical is required every year to renew your HGV licence .

2. What is the D4 medical form 📝✒🖋

Here is the link for the official D4 form from the DVLA website:


This is the form that you must bring to your medical. If you forget not to worry, we have plenty of spares. The form is completed by the Doctor during your medical. The form is then handed back to you to send off to the DVLA. The final decision about your medical is made by the DVLA.

3. What happens during a D4 medical 🧐👨‍⚕️

- The first step is confirming your identity so whether you attend the Northampton, Bedford or Milton Keynes HGV D4 clinic always remember to bring a ford of ID with you (driving licence will be ok for the D4 medical)

- The next step will be checking any medications 💊you take, these will then be documented on the D4 form therefore it is essential you bring a list of any regular medications you take.

- The doctor will then ask you about your medical history and report these onto your hgv D4 medical form.

- The doctor will then proceed to perform a physical exam which will include at the minimum

eye sight test🤓 - testing of far vision will be assessed. You will be allowed to wear your glasses if you need them. You will be tested with and without your glasses on. If you wear contacts please come to your D4 medical NOT wearing them and come wearing your glasses instead. The doctor will then assess your peripheral and colour vision, then finally examining your retina (back of your eye) using an opthalmoscope.

General exam 🦴- The doctor will assess you joints and spine and examining your hands, eyes and neck carefully to DVLA standards. Your central and peripheral neurological system will also be assessed by asking you do some simple tests.

height and weight ⚖- these will be recorded on the D4 form

cardiovascular exam❤ - The doctor will have a careful listen of your heart and lungs aswell as checking your pulse and breathing rate. Oxygen levels may or may not be checked.

blood pressure👨‍⚕️ - The doctor will take a blood pressure reading, 3 recordings maybe taken. We advise not drinking any caffeine based drinks before your medical as this can raise your blood pressure.

Abdominal exam🥼 - The doctor will palpate your liver and listen to your abdomen.

urine dip 🚽- This may or may not be required- if so you will be provided with a urine pot to produce a sample which will be tested. The urine dip checks for glucose.

blood glucose testing ☝- Again this may or may not be tested and is to the discretion of the examining Doctor. If tested this will be a finger prick test only.

Final checks🔎 - The form is checked to ensure it is completed correctly. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions at this stage. The form will then be handed back to you to return tot he DVLA. We are happy to answer any questions around your D4 medical when it is complete, email us and we will respond to your query.

4. How can I book?

We have weekly D4 HGV medicals in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Bedford. Our doctors are all GMC registered and highly experienced on carrying out driver medicals. DVLA standards are strictly adhered to.

To book you can click here or visit our book online page. Alternatively please call our number on 07817419729 or email info@voyagemedicals.co.uk for more information.

No upfront paymet is required and payment is made on the day of the medical

Book your HGV D4 medical in Northampton, Bedford or Milton Keynes here

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